This is showing i have stored some information on her but in a different subject and also it shows you I have found it on Google and also I found that u can download different things like music and games.





information stored



internet connection 2

this is showing you that I can get Internet connection and get onto different sites with the Internet and when I’m on the school computers the Internet is already connected when I am on the computer and also at the bottom is showing you that I have Internet connection.


You need to make sure when your on your computer that things on there a safe and you don’t get threats on there and also you need to make sure If you order things of online then you need to make sure that your bank details are safe and nobody else can get them and also If your talking to your friends you need to make sure that nobody hacks your account or knows get passwords and make sure you have good friends because If your friends get your passwords then they might go on your accounts online and then they might write nasty things on your account and write nasty things to your other friends so make sure you don’t get threats and If you do get threats make sure that you till somebody and then they will be able to help you get It sorted out and then you will be able to talk to your friends and get online without changing your passwords and also have good friends just make sure your friends aren’t looking at your computer when your making your accounts and putting passwords In and If you put your mobile phone number online then If you just want It so your friends can only see It means that your friends could give It to anybody they know and you might not know them and also you might get prank calls and you might get nasty texts as well and If you do get all that you need to make sure that you tell somebody because that can get reported and get sorted and just make sure who you have on your account as friends are true friends and friends you trust and make sure that your trust friends can only see your mobile phone number or you can just save It as you can see your own mobile phone number.


This Is Showing you that I have used different tabs and Its also showing you that i have been on different websites In different tabs.

But also this Is showing you that are diffrent tabs and different websites I’ve been on.

making a new folder

This Is how you make a new folder In your favourites.

tabs 2

This Is showing you that I have used tabs In my work and also Its showing you different tabs  I have used but all I am showing is how to use tabs actually and just proving I have used tabs.

my tabs 123

This is showing you I have used loads of tabs and different kinds of tabs and different subjects I have used tabs In and some of It was Homework I was doing.

This Is showing I have used loads of different loads of tabs and also Its showing you that I can used different sorts of tabs

printscreen of using tabs





You need to make sure that you don’t get viruses on your computer or phones.If you get viruses It means that you have downloaded things you don’t know what they are and also you need to make sure that your internet protection hasn’t run out as you If It has run out you need to update your Internet safety protection every 1 year.

Gudlines :

  • You must make sure that nobody else see’s your password or hacks it and if somebody else hacks your password you need to go and get it mended so you can put a new password in and to make sure its a safe password.
  • you need to make sure nobody can hack your bank details and if they do they could order things in your name such as they could order rude things


Laws are very Important as you need to be very carefully when your on the Internet as If you do something bad online you could be fined lot of money and It can take up to 3 years and you could get viruses on your computer.

You could also get theese ads that keep popping you such as your protection to keep remaining you that your protection has run out.

But also the websites could be very slow as the Internet could freeze as they are very very very slow and also the websites might be disabled so It means It could take for ever to load

5.7 evidence for making sure my password is right

This Is showing you that I have double checked my password and there Is an arrow showing you where I’m double checking all of my work and also So Its mean now that nobody could get Into my account of this site because Its a strong password that nobody who guess and If I was trying to explain this to somebody then I would say to them I would at least have an 6 or more letters for your password to have In and I wouldn’t make It a hard password for yourself to forget and I would make It an easy password that you would not forget and a password that u would remember

Data protection is important because if yours runs out then you need to make sure that you update your protection every so often and also when you update your data protection make sure that you don’t have a virus on it when your updating your protection.

you can get different types of computer misuse like hacking,viruses,email and chat abuses and email spamming and all of theese shouldn’t happen at all and also you should check your computer all the time and get it sorted straight away as possible.

This Is showing you that I’m logging In and Logging Out of email and also Its showing you thats Its a strong password


This is also showing you I have just logged out of a website and also its showing you Its and easy website you can logg out of and you can easilyhack this website so you need to make sure that your password Is strong by using a strong meter


logging in and out#

This is shwoing you I have used a strong meter to show you that my password Is strong enough for my email account.


very strong password

strong password

This Is showing you that I have a very strong password and I have proof by showing you that I have a strong meter.





When your the Internet you need to be very carefully that nobody threatens you or hacks Into your computer :

because If they hack Into your computer they could easily get all your bank details and order things In your name and you might have not ordered and also they can hack your computer by guessing your password and also could post nasty things online about your friends or put rude photos online as well.

So make sure that your laptop Is safe and secured and also make sure you have a safe password that cant be guessed and also make sure that your bank details are safe and If It does get hacked make sure that you change them as quickly as possible so nobody else can see them or guess them and order things in your name so make sure that everything Is safe and secure


A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All computer viruses are man-made. A simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is relatively easy to produce. Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to a halt. An even more dangerous type of virus is one capable of transmitting itself across networks and bypassing security systems.


A keylogger is a type of surveillance software (considered to be either software or spyware) that has the capability to record every keystroke you make to a log file, usually encrypted. A keylogger recorder can record instant messages, e-mail, and any information you type at any time using your keyboard. The log file created by the keylogger can then be sent to a specified receiver. Some keylogger programs will also record any e-mail addresses you use and Web site URLs you visit.

The way your computer can be slowed down Is by having too much work on your computer and also but sometimes It might get faster If you don’t have as much work or tabs up and your Computer might freeze as well for a few seconds then It will unfreeze. Another reason why your computer could be so slow is because you might not have scanned for errors for viruses,keylogger,adware,worm,firewall,ad blocker,spam,phishing,pop up blocker,https,ankle-biter,anti-virus,trojan,cracker this can easily slow down your computer If you have checked for theese kind of things on your computer and make sure you have scanned for them unless you won’t your computer to be really slow for you and you proberly wouldn’t like that.

different viruses you can get are

Email viruses and they can frist start showing up in 1990’s when the use of email started around and became widespread and email viruses spread more quickly than tradionally viruses because they are sent via email and the most common virus was just a normal virus and email virus.

Another risk could be  just a normal virus  and you can get that all In different ways like having a virus  on your data protection and when your data protection has run out it means your in the zone of having a virus on your computer so it’s very important that you need to keep care of your computer and when keeping care of your  computer you must make sure that you don,t download anything your not sure of and also make sure you don’t have anything on your computer you shouldn’t have.


I choose WordPress because I find the tools easy to use and I also find It easy find things on here and I am sort Of finding the work easy as well and also you can get your blog on your phones as well and also I just found this Blog easier to use and I choose this one because a lot of people in my class choose this one and also I fought that Blogger was really difficult and when I started to do The Blooger one It asked me theese questions and I didn’t really Understand them so I choose WordPress because I understood Everything on here and I find the tools easy to use as well and I can put pictures on and I can  use different font  to make it nice and I can use different colours to make it stand out and make It look nice as well.

You can also look up different Information and then put onto here to show you have been using the internet and been looking up information





This Is just showing you what I have done on the computer and then It goes into my history thing and there are loads of things I have done In my history and also There Is loads of different websites I have been on and Its saved Into my history thing.


You can get viruses but you if have protection on your Internet then you  you will be okay and also you can get different risks on your computer.

  • Somebody could hack your computer by guesing your password
  • Could easily get your bank details
  • You need to make sure that your make details and computer is safe and secure.



  • You must always make sure that you update your protection so It doesnt expires and you havent got a protection on your computer and you get loads of viruses on it.



You can get a safety protection on your computer by getting somebody to help you put It on which Is secure you  have a certain amount of days till you have to update a new safety secure and protection on again and you have to keep doing that.

If you download things you don’t know what they are you could get viruses and not have a protection on It and could get loads of viruses and you computer might not work at all and also you might not be able to get It fixed.

researching websistes

I had to Reasearch up about Balanced diet and this is showing you all about the different types of ones you can click on.





reasearching sites

this is showing you all the different types of reproductive sytems and also we got asked to research and also this is showing different types of them













Different ways you can get on the internet connection are through your phone and also Wi-Fi but sometimes the Internet can be slow It depends where you and the signal as well if u have good signal then maybe your internet will go fast and you can also get Internet connection on Ipads  or IPods, kindles and other connections and also bad reasons are that the internet connection should be very slow it depends where you are and also you might not have the internet on any of these and also you might just have it on your computer at home..


1. It is sometimes faster when loading the Internet

2. You can get Internet connection Anywhere.


1. It could be very slow


Advantages on using WI-Fi

you can locate signal almost anywhere and its either free or you have to pay a small fee


Disadvantages on using WiFi

The disadvantages of WI-Fi are that the range can be restricted to a small area and there may be security issues.


Advantages of 3G/4G

Increased mobile network speed

the biggest benefits of these connections is that the speed the 3G/4G and lets you search the Internet.




Disadvantages on 3G/4G

drains the battery on your phone

if you live in a area when the connection is low or Non-existent then you will not be able to use this then.

Advantages on Broadband

You don’t need to dial an access number and risk getting a busy signal.

Broadband internet offers unlimited access and you won’t be charged based on the connection duration.

Disadvantages on broadband

Not all phone wires are equipped for DSL service.  May not be available in rural or remote areas.

Higher security risk than dial-up connection.