I chose WordPress because I found this website easy to use and easy to make this blog I would of used a different one but the tools were really hard to use and I didn’t understand the tools much and also I find this one easy because I find the tools easy to find.

I also find WordPress easy to use because I know  how to put images on here It just means I can’t see the pictures When I put them on  and


But I came down to 2 choices which were Blogger and WordPress and I didnt really know which one to choose so I went onto both to see which one was harder and which was i could understand to actually make the blog.

So i decided to use WordPress as I thought It looked easier when I started to make my blog and I found the Tools Quite easy to use once my blog was up and running and I posted my frist blog telling you about the course and saying what we had to do in this course as well.

I also chose WordPress as I find It easy and the tools are Quite easy to find on this blog and I can now put pictures on without asking for help as my teacher showed me how to use a tool on the computer and Its called the snipping Tool and here is an exmaple of me uploading a picture by using the snipping Tool.

This photo Is only an example but this photo Is showing you that I have saved some of my favourite websites into my favourite folder and you can make different file for different subjects as I have made a Ict folder so I can save all my things I do In lessons to my ict favourites.








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