Different ways you can get on the internet connection are through your phone and also Wi-Fi but sometimes the Internet can be slow It depends where you and the signal as well if u have good signal then maybe your internet will go fast and you can also get Internet connection on Ipads  or IPods, kindles and other connections and also bad reasons are that the internet connection should be very slow it depends where you are and also you might not have the internet on any of these and also you might just have it on your computer at home..


1. It is sometimes faster when loading the Internet

2. You can get Internet connection Anywhere.


1. It could be very slow


Advantages on using WI-Fi

you can locate signal almost anywhere and its either free or you have to pay a small fee


Disadvantages on using WiFi

The disadvantages of WI-Fi are that the range can be restricted to a small area and there may be security issues.


Advantages of 3G/4G

Increased mobile network speed

the biggest benefits of these connections is that the speed the 3G/4G and lets you search the Internet.




Disadvantages on 3G/4G

drains the battery on your phone

if you live in a area when the connection is low or Non-existent then you will not be able to use this then.

Advantages on Broadband

You don’t need to dial an access number and risk getting a busy signal.

Broadband internet offers unlimited access and you won’t be charged based on the connection duration.

Disadvantages on broadband

Not all phone wires are equipped for DSL service.  May not be available in rural or remote areas.

Higher security risk than dial-up connection.



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