You can get viruses but you if have protection on your Internet then you  you will be okay and also you can get different risks on your computer.

  • Somebody could hack your computer by guesing your password
  • Could easily get your bank details
  • You need to make sure that your make details and computer is safe and secure.



  • You must always make sure that you update your protection so It doesnt expires and you havent got a protection on your computer and you get loads of viruses on it.



You can get a safety protection on your computer by getting somebody to help you put It on which Is secure you  have a certain amount of days till you have to update a new safety secure and protection on again and you have to keep doing that.

If you download things you don’t know what they are you could get viruses and not have a protection on It and could get loads of viruses and you computer might not work at all and also you might not be able to get It fixed.


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