You need to make sure that you don’t get viruses on your computer or phones.If you get viruses It means that you have downloaded things you don’t know what they are and also you need to make sure that your internet protection hasn’t run out as you If It has run out you need to update your Internet safety protection every 1 year.

Gudlines :

  • You must make sure that nobody else see’s your password or hacks it and if somebody else hacks your password you need to go and get it mended so you can put a new password in and to make sure its a safe password.
  • you need to make sure nobody can hack your bank details and if they do they could order things in your name such as they could order rude things


Laws are very Important as you need to be very carefully when your on the Internet as If you do something bad online you could be fined lot of money and It can take up to 3 years and you could get viruses on your computer.

You could also get theese ads that keep popping you such as your protection to keep remaining you that your protection has run out.

But also the websites could be very slow as the Internet could freeze as they are very very very slow and also the websites might be disabled so It means It could take for ever to load

5.7 evidence for making sure my password is right

This Is showing you that I have double checked my password and there Is an arrow showing you where I’m double checking all of my work and also So Its mean now that nobody could get Into my account of this site because Its a strong password that nobody who guess and If I was trying to explain this to somebody then I would say to them I would at least have an 6 or more letters for your password to have In and I wouldn’t make It a hard password for yourself to forget and I would make It an easy password that you would not forget and a password that u would remember

Data protection is important because if yours runs out then you need to make sure that you update your protection every so often and also when you update your data protection make sure that you don’t have a virus on it when your updating your protection.

you can get different types of computer misuse like hacking,viruses,email and chat abuses and email spamming and all of theese shouldn’t happen at all and also you should check your computer all the time and get it sorted straight away as possible.

This Is showing you that I’m logging In and Logging Out of email and also Its showing you thats Its a strong password


This is also showing you I have just logged out of a website and also its showing you Its and easy website you can logg out of and you can easilyhack this website so you need to make sure that your password Is strong by using a strong meter


logging in and out#

This is shwoing you I have used a strong meter to show you that my password Is strong enough for my email account.


very strong password

strong password

This Is showing you that I have a very strong password and I have proof by showing you that I have a strong meter.





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