You need to make sure when your on your computer that things on there a safe and you don’t get threats on there and also you need to make sure If you order things of online then you need to make sure that your bank details are safe and nobody else can get them and also If your talking to your friends you need to make sure that nobody hacks your account or knows get passwords and make sure you have good friends because If your friends get your passwords then they might go on your accounts online and then they might write nasty things on your account and write nasty things to your other friends so make sure you don’t get threats and If you do get threats make sure that you till somebody and then they will be able to help you get It sorted out and then you will be able to talk to your friends and get online without changing your passwords and also have good friends just make sure your friends aren’t looking at your computer when your making your accounts and putting passwords In and If you put your mobile phone number online then If you just want It so your friends can only see It means that your friends could give It to anybody they know and you might not know them and also you might get prank calls and you might get nasty texts as well and If you do get all that you need to make sure that you tell somebody because that can get reported and get sorted and just make sure who you have on your account as friends are true friends and friends you trust and make sure that your trust friends can only see your mobile phone number or you can just save It as you can see your own mobile phone number.


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