5.8 – relevant laws affecting Internet users.

Today i am going to talk about the relevant laws affecting the Internet users

  • You shouldn’t hack anybody on the Internet as It could affect the Internet users
  •  Piracy and copyright mostly.
    If you don’t hack or distribute malware/viruses.
    In my country your punishment for most of crimes Is 3 year or a ticket.
  • You shouldn’t do anything like this because It dangerous as you could get a ticket and you have have to pay a fine and It depends really how much you have to pay and also Just don’t do It at all.

Data Security Technologies

Refers to encryption technology that encrypts data on a  hard disk drive. Disk encryption typically takes form in either software (see disk encryption sowtward or hardware (see disk encrytion hardware). Disk encryption is often referred to as on-the-fly encryption or transparent encryption.


Hacking is where an unauthorised person uses a network, Internet or modemconnection to gain access past security passwords or other security to see data stored on another computer. Hackers sometimes use software hacking tools and often target, for example, particular sites on the Internet


virus are where somebody can put a viruse on your computer and a viruse is where you have it on your computer for a while then need a data protection to keep your computer safe from all the dangerous virus,hacker


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