I choose WordPress because I find the tools easy to use and I also find It easy find things on here and I am sort Of finding the work easy as well and also you can get your blog on your phones as well and also I just found this Blog easier to use and I choose this one because a lot of people in my class choose this one and also I fought that Blogger was really difficult and when I started to do The Blooger one It asked me theese questions and I didn’t really Understand them so I choose WordPress because I understood Everything on here and I find the tools easy to use as well and I can put pictures on and I can  use different font  to make it nice and I can use different colours to make it stand out and make It look nice as well.

You can also look up different Information and then put onto here to show you have been using the internet and been looking up information





This Is just showing you what I have done on the computer and then It goes into my history thing and there are loads of things I have done In my history and also There Is loads of different websites I have been on and Its saved Into my history thing.



You can get viruses but you if have protection on your Internet then you  you will be okay and also you can get different risks on your computer.

  • Somebody could hack your computer by guesing your password
  • Could easily get your bank details
  • You need to make sure that your make details and computer is safe and secure.



  • You must always make sure that you update your protection so It doesnt expires and you havent got a protection on your computer and you get loads of viruses on it.



You can get a safety protection on your computer by getting somebody to help you put It on which Is secure you  have a certain amount of days till you have to update a new safety secure and protection on again and you have to keep doing that.

If you download things you don’t know what they are you could get viruses and not have a protection on It and could get loads of viruses and you computer might not work at all and also you might not be able to get It fixed.

researching websistes

I had to Reasearch up about Balanced diet and this is showing you all about the different types of ones you can click on.





reasearching sites

this is showing you all the different types of reproductive sytems and also we got asked to research and also this is showing different types of them













Different ways you can get on the internet connection are through your phone and also Wi-Fi but sometimes the Internet can be slow It depends where you and the signal as well if u have good signal then maybe your internet will go fast and you can also get Internet connection on Ipads  or IPods, kindles and other connections and also bad reasons are that the internet connection should be very slow it depends where you are and also you might not have the internet on any of these and also you might just have it on your computer at home..


1. It is sometimes faster when loading the Internet

2. You can get Internet connection Anywhere.


1. It could be very slow


Advantages on using WI-Fi

you can locate signal almost anywhere and its either free or you have to pay a small fee


Disadvantages on using WiFi

The disadvantages of WI-Fi are that the range can be restricted to a small area and there may be security issues.


Advantages of 3G/4G

Increased mobile network speed

the biggest benefits of these connections is that the speed the 3G/4G and lets you search the Internet.




Disadvantages on 3G/4G

drains the battery on your phone

if you live in a area when the connection is low or Non-existent then you will not be able to use this then.

Advantages on Broadband

You don’t need to dial an access number and risk getting a busy signal.

Broadband internet offers unlimited access and you won’t be charged based on the connection duration.

Disadvantages on broadband

Not all phone wires are equipped for DSL service.  May not be available in rural or remote areas.

Higher security risk than dial-up connection.


Introducing unit 8

I have created a blog as It Is part of my course and also this course Is course is about using the Internet and the course we are doing is unit 8.I have decided to use this blogger as I Find this website easy to use and the tools easy to use as well.but also I find this blogger easier because i can the tools easy to find as well.


Favourites Is a little star where you save your favourite things In there and you need them saving Incase you can’t get back on them or can’t remember the website so you go on the website and save It by pressing the star and putting It In a file and you can make a new file by pressing favourites and puttting It In That catorie

When you are saving websites In your favourites then I would make a file for that subject that your doing and then you can save all them websites that you need into that file.






This is showing you what I have in my favourites at the moment and also its showing you what I have saved into my favourites.


researching blogs

Today In the lesson I have uploaded a picture of showing you which blogs you can get and also we had to make a decision on which blog we used and why we are using this blog and I chose word press because I find It abit easy to use and also we have to keep using our blogs

google search


I chose WordPress because I found this website easy to use and easy to make this blog I would of used a different one but the tools were really hard to use and I didn’t understand the tools much and also I find this one easy because I find the tools easy to find.

I also find WordPress easy to use because I know  how to put images on here It just means I can’t see the pictures When I put them on  and


But I came down to 2 choices which were Blogger and WordPress and I didnt really know which one to choose so I went onto both to see which one was harder and which was i could understand to actually make the blog.

So i decided to use WordPress as I thought It looked easier when I started to make my blog and I found the Tools Quite easy to use once my blog was up and running and I posted my frist blog telling you about the course and saying what we had to do in this course as well.

I also chose WordPress as I find It easy and the tools are Quite easy to find on this blog and I can now put pictures on without asking for help as my teacher showed me how to use a tool on the computer and Its called the snipping Tool and here is an exmaple of me uploading a picture by using the snipping Tool.

This photo Is only an example but this photo Is showing you that I have saved some of my favourite websites into my favourite folder and you can make different file for different subjects as I have made a Ict folder so I can save all my things I do In lessons to my ict favourites.







Why I chose word press

I used wordpress because it is easier to use, tools are easier to find, there is an app for an iphone and i also research on google the best blogs to use and word press came up first.  It is a free blogging site I could upload all my work to my teacher/assessor.